The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
~Anna Quindlen
Sarah Sheard | Therapist

Sarah Sheard, Writer and Therapist
Sometimes it is beneficial to seek out a neutral third party to explore what isn't working in your life.

Therapy is simply being in a quiet, airy room with an attentive and actively supportive/challenging listener for an uninterrupted hour. During that hour you may focus entirely upon your own life, your progress, obstacles and any unfinished business from the past that you sense is intruding into the present and preventing you from living as happily and courageously as you might.
need therapy?
how do you know
Have you observed that the particular difficulty you're having isn't going away on its own and is having a persistent, negative impact on your personal life, your relationships, your work?
Have other people suggested you seek a therapist?
Do you find your negative thoughts or feelings have a cyclic, chronically recurring quality such that you wonder whether they're ever going to change or resolve?
Do you feel vaguely flat, ill-at-ease, no longer as engaged by your life as you wish to be?
Are you hit by spikes of sadness, anger, or other emotions which seem out of scale to their cause?
Have you hit a creative impasse?
Many people coming in for therapy answer "yes" to some or all of the questions above.
From Vapour to Paper: Drafting your first brochure
Self-marketing for fledgling therapists
Do you have ideas but need help finding the words that best describe who you are, what you do, how you do it and the clientele you'd like to target in your practice?

Step one in branding yourself is to draft a flyer or brochure. I'll help you brainstorm descriptions that fit and will work. You'll leave with a snapshot in words of your professional essence — the foundation for your brochure, flyer or website.

I am seasoned psychotherapist and writer and have recently rebranded myself with a new Riverdale office location, flyer and website.

For an individual consultation or to arrange a group workshop, please contact me using the convenient contact form on the contact page. Or you can email me directly.

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My consulting space is a townhouse located at #10 Lydia Court. It is located south of Danforth, east of Jones Ave.

There is no waiting room. Simply come to the door and ring the bell or knock. Directions and a map can be found in the contact section.