The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
~Anna Quindlen
Sarah Sheard | Writer and Therapist

Sarah Sheard, Writer and Therapist
I have written and published three literary novels. I am currently drafting my fourth. By literary novels, I mean that they seek to tell their own stories in a way that can't readily be reduced to formula.

It was a natural jump for me from writing novels to working with people. Both writing and therapy explore the difficulties, behaviours and psychology of being alive.
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It is January, 2009, and Bertolt Brecht finds himself reincarnated on the Ward's Island ferry dock in Toronto, Canada. He befriends Ainsley Giddings, a woman who has just moved into the cottage she's leased on Ward's. A Gestalt therapist on sabbatical, Ainsley wants to be alone on her year-long island retreat. Brecht, intoxicated by his unexpected gift of renewed existence, wants to sing, philosophise and make love.

Their agendas quickly square off against one another. Mixing into their eccentric affair are island airport politics, Ainsley's exertions at translating modern life to Brecht, and finally their fateful trip to Berlin where time takes another half-twist around these two. Past pierces Present in a startling conclusion that may help explain what brought Brecht and Ainsley together.
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Angels and Devils
“We all have them in our psyches, competing for space.  Sometimes the devils are in charge—say, at 3 a.m., in that dark night of the soul.  At other times the angels take over and guide us through hours and hours of the most difficult work.”
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Writing Around the Bend: Strategies for Handling Writers' Issues Creatively
“Thank you for your delicious workshop. You are a brave and wonderful Sister Goddess.” - L.G.

Writing Mentor
“I couldn't have picked a more honest yet positive mentor -- so right for me at this point in my writing. I will not soon, if ever, forget our happy voyage together.” - E.S.

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