In the dark times
Will there also be singing?
Yes, there will be singing
About the dark times.

~Bertolt Brecht (translated by John Willet)
Sarah Sheard | Writer and Therapist

Sarah Sheard, Writer and Therapist
I have written and published three literary novels. I am currently drafting my fourth. By literary novels, I mean that they seek to tell their own stories in a way that can't readily be reduced to formula.

It was a natural jump for me from writing novels to working with people. Both writing and therapy explore the difficulties, behaviours and psychology of being alive.
Tools Just For Writers
coaching and therapy
Therapy is simply being in a quiet, airy room with an attentive and actively supportive/challenging listener for an uninterrupted hour.
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Writing Mentor
I offer specific and supportive feedback on the substantive issues of structure, character development, style and pacing.
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Writing Around the Bend
Strategies for Handling Writers' Issues Creatively
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The Humber School
for Writers

I am a creative writing instructor for The Humber School for Writers and a sessional creative writing instructor at Ryerson University, Continuing Education.
frequently asked questions
about therapy

How long is the average consultation?
The initial consultation can last up to 15 minutes, but regular therapy sessions usually take one hour, with couples taking one and a half hours.

What is Gestalt Therapy?
Gestalt therapy focuses on raising awareness of emotions, sensations and associations as they arise and influence your body, mind and experience of the present moment. More details can be found in the therapy section.

What if I just need to talk about something?
I am trained in Cognitive therapy, which means talking about the problem. I quickly intuit the underlying issues and emotions that may be contributing to your difficulty to help you find resolution.

I am afraid someone will find out what I talk about?
I maintain strict confidentiality.

How much will it cost?
My rates are reasonable. If you are financially challenged, I am willing to negotiate my fee with you.

Where are you located?
My consulting space is at 10 Lydia Court, Toronto, a six-minute walk from the Donlands TTC station. A map and directions can be found in the contact section.

How long is the average consultation?
The initial consulatation can last up to 15 minutes, but normal session usually take one hour.

How do I know you are licensed to do therapy?
I have been certified since 1999 by OACCPP (Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists) #210-7-237. I am also licensed by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Reg. #001623. You can review all my other credentials, experience and training in my about section.

Why are you both a therapist and a writer?
It was a natural jump for me from writing novels to working with people. Both writing and therapy explore the difficulties, behaviours and psychology of being alive.

about writing

I am having trouble writing my manuscript — well, completing it. Can you help?
I can't help you write your manuscript, but I can consult with you and give you tools to help you with your creativity and completion.

I have been trying to get my manuscript published, and I am having a hard time with the rejection?
Everyone faces some level of rejection as a writer, at different stages of their career. This article, entitled "Rejection" may offer you some insight. You may want to schedule a consultation to discuss issues specific to your writing.

I think I am a procrastinator - I am trying to write a book from home, and haven't written in days - what can I do ?
Try reading my article called "Writing at Home" - this may help you. Your procrastination may be something more, and you may want to have a consultation to discuss what's holding you back.

What books have you written?
I have written 3 novels: Almost Japanese, The Swing Era, and The Hypnotist. Read more information and excerpts from my novels in the writing section.

How can I purchase one of your books?
The Swing Era is out of print. Almost Japanese and The Hypnotist are available online in the writing section. Simply click on the "buy" button under the novel's image and you will be linked to where it can be purchased. Krank can be purchased as an ebook from Kobo and print copies special-ordered from bookstores or Amazon.